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Hourly Rates

The question often come up of how much to pay a bookkeeper. To help you, we called dozens of bookkeeping and CPA firms in town to get a gauge on where they stand. Here’s what we found. First of all,

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Resist Gravity

Remember that gravity is always pulling us down. This is the case in the physical world will we are always having to climb to strengthen ourselves. We don’t push weights into the floor for our strength, we lift them off.

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One way to break it down

I get a call from a prospect who already has a bookkeeper, but the bookkeeper is moving out of town. Thankfully it’s going to be a few weeks before she leaves, so I have an opportunity to go in and

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The key to success

The key to your success relies on your ability to come up with an idea, implement the idea, measure the effect of the implementation, and then adjust accordingly. ┬áThis is the case whether we’re talking about marketing, bookkeeping, sales, operations,

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