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When is it your money?

This one can really trip people up. Especially when you’re the owner. Do you know how frequently it happens that we expect something to occur and then it doesn’t? One of the most common things to occur in the world

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You don’t really trust them, do you?

I got an interesting email the other day from an employee of one of my clients. The employee told me that we should really be watching the time clock better, because she is certain that at least two employees are

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If you’re going to make statements

Since this is a bookkeeper’s blog, you may assume that when I say statements I mean financial statements. But that’s not the case here. What I mean is, we like to make declarative statements. We as humans at least in

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The other number you absolutely have to know

i’ve talked about cost per acquisition, I’ve talked about what does it cost for every client who walks in the door. This is a very important number to know.. There is another number that’s also very important to know, and

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why most business owners are in trouble

I keep having this conversation with people, and I know that I’ve already written about this, but I have to write about it again because it’s so important. When you hire a bookkeeper, you have not hired a chief financial

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you don’t know how much you’re making

it’s a common problem. Most people don’t know how much they’re making. If you’re an employee on a fixed salary, or a set number of hours and I fixed hourly rate, but you know how much you make. But we’re

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