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thoroughness and accuracy versus cost

whenever I work with the client, it’s essential to find out whether it is a thorough and accurate job they are looking for, or whatever can be done for a certain price. Obviously the more thorough and accurate I have

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what has little value to you

it’s a basic laws of economics, on the whole, we exchange things of lesser value for things of greater value. When we pay for something which we want, that thing needs to have greater value than the price we pay.

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quarterly filings coming up

if your quarterly filer with the Department of revenue, and you have about two weeks left before the deadline. Most people calculate this wrong when they do it themselves. just getting the correct numbers to use for your sales tax,

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why tax time is a good time

People are constantly asking me whether tax time is a busy time for me. And while you would assume that I’m busier at tax time than others, the reality is that accountants have an April 15 deadline, bookkeepers Don’t. That

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