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How to handle an audit

I come from a school of thought that says everybody’s busy and everybody wants to do a good job. This includes auditors. what an auditor is thinking about looking at your business, what they’re looking for are clues to a

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Here’s why good accounting makes good sense

This article was written by an acquaintance of mine who also wrote on of my favorite books, The reckoning. In the article, it is proposed that Greece, an entire country about to file bankruptcy, is going to do so

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thoroughness and accuracy versus cost

whenever I work with the client, it’s essential to find out whether it is a thorough and accurate job they are looking for, or whatever can be done for a certain price. Obviously the more thorough and accurate I have

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what is year end bookkeeping?

well, year-end bookkeeping can mean a lot of different things. In one sense, year-end isn’t any different than month-end, because it always comes at the end of the month. So you still need to reconcile your bank statements, and if

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This is not a duplicate, yet another embezzling bookkeeper The worst thing about this to me is that she was in the position to steal after being convicted on embezzlement previously.  Background checks can be done online for $30.00.  Instead, it cost $200,000 to find out she was

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Another Embezzling Bookkeeper uncovered   SHREVEPORT, La. (AP) — A bookkeeper for a Shreveport company is free after posting bond following her arrest for theft. Deputies say she pocketed $57,000 in unauthorized payments from the business for more than a year. Deputies say 44-year-old Stacy S.

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What is integrity when it comes to finance?

It’s common for people to believe that integrity means honesty. But integrity can be used in a lot of different ways. Even steel, the metal, has integrity. If you stretch it until it gets out of shape, you have changed

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Why You Need a Forensic Bookkeeper

Why Every Attorney Needs a Bookkeeper In the practice of law, it’s extremely common to need to calculate things of a financial nature. Whether you are a personal injury attorney calculating loss of wages, or trying to total up the

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