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thoroughness and accuracy versus cost

whenever I work with the client, it’s essential to find out whether it is a thorough and accurate job they are looking for, or whatever can be done for a certain price. Obviously the more thorough and accurate I have

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why tax time is a good time

People are constantly asking me whether tax time is a busy time for me. And while you would assume that I’m busier at tax time than others, the reality is that accountants have an April 15 deadline, bookkeepers Don’t. That

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You already know you need a bookkeeper

It’s the hassle of actually finding and hiring someone good that stops most thriving business owners from having a bookkeeper. ┬áThe reality is you already know you need someone, and you are currently doing a very poor job at bookkeeping,

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How do you get caught up?

Many of my clients, when they first come to me are behind in their books. I admit when I had my mortgage company, even I was behind on my books. But you reach a point where you know you’re behind,

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