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Scary Statistics

53% of college grads are underemployed or unemployed and 70% of college grads have degrees they can’t apply in the workforce. This is one reason why the self-employment lifestyle is gaining ground. These days, the word startup is so common

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Document and Information Security

In the mortgage business, it’s extremely important to manage your document security and information security.  According to the GLBA (an act which requires a written policy on security protocols), you can never ever send something with a social security number

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money management

It’s so funny that it’s called money-management, because for most people, there is so little of it to manage and we do such a poor job at it.  And I say there’s so little to manage because for the average

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What really is the hedgehog?

If you’ve read Jim Collins book “Good to Great”, then perhaps you’re familiar with the hedgehog principal. But as a refresher or for those of you who haven’t heard it, we’re talking about something very important in business.  I suppose

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Two game changing questions you have to ask

Question number one where is the top priority, number one place, most important place, that I should put my attention in my business right now? If you don’t know the answer to this question, and I don’t mean just the

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The other number you absolutely have to know

i’ve talked about cost per acquisition, I’ve talked about what does it cost for every client who walks in the door. This is a very important number to know.. There is another number that’s also very important to know, and

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The key to success

The key to your success relies on your ability to come up with an idea, implement the idea, measure the effect of the implementation, and then adjust accordingly.  This is the case whether we’re talking about marketing, bookkeeping, sales, operations,

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Filing your returns

as a general rule, your accountant will take care of your federal tax filings and your bookkeeper will take care of your state tax filings. Of course, this isn’t always the way, but it’s the traditional way. What this means,

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It’s hard to get a good measure of how much inefficiencies or affecting us. The little things that seem like little things become a big waste of time. As an example, having too many bank accounts. The more bank accounts

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