what has little value to you

it’s a basic laws of economics, on the whole, we exchange things of lesser value for things of greater value. When we pay for something which we want, that thing needs to have greater value than the price we pay.

A broken pipe in the middle of winter causes us such great pain that we will pay high repair prices to get it done immediately. But a broken garden hose in the summer doesn’t carry the same emergency concern and therefore is worth a lot less to us

so it stands to reason that whatever the business product or service is that you offer to consumers, whether they are and users or other businesses, you must value the thing that you offer less than the amount of money you asked for.

By the same token anyone who’s willing to pay for your services values this worthless thing you have more than you do. So that begs the question why do I have that other people want it doesn’t have a lot of value to me?

Even if it’s something small, if you have a lot of it and it’s worth nothing to you and it’s worth something to somebody, all you need to do is find those people and make your something cheap enough that they’ll buy it. It’s essentially the same principles a garage sale is in it?

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